A pal of mine bought a brand new Piranha 5.5m RIB from the boatshow. Sadly the quality was appalling and it swamped flooding the battery during a days rain.

The weather deck leaked and many items fell of or didn’t work and so Charlie complained. The CE certificate of compliance supplied with the boat was fraudulent and for a different model and the hull number on the boat was wrong. After months of deliberation Piranha RIBs agreed to refund his money and take the boat back.

This never happened so we complained to BM (British Marine) who promised to look into it as Piranha RIBs were members. Nothing happened.

We complained to Trading Standards. Nothing happened. They went an “had a little word” as other people had complained but Charlie did not get his money back. The Trading Standards branch that cover marine products are part of Hampshire Trading Standards and Piranha RIBs were based in Hampshire. Despite this they said that they would not take it any further as the consumer bought the product at the London Boat Show, which is in London, not Hampshire. I can’t repeat what I said to them about that.

So, the bodies that are supposed to help consumers let this man down and the professional trade body that the manufacturer belonged to failed to police one of its members.

I complained to BM British Marine Federation about the lack of conformity but they refused to deal with me as I’m not a member but did say “well most boats are OK aren’t they Nick?”.

British Marine put on courses about Recreational Craft Directive CE compliance and marking but were out of their depth regarding the level of deception from Piranha RIBs. The RDC compliance was just all made up.

Piranha RIBs suddenly closed over night.

Colin Baldwin, owner of RIB-X RIBS heard about Charlie’s plight and saved the day! RIB-X built Charlie a new RIB generously at cost price and transferred any salvageable bits like the outboard across.

This is what Charlie told me

“The verdict is that Colin is as good as his word and the Rib-X brand is as well designed and built as they come. I enjoyed the visit to look round his production facility and he took time to go through the construction process in detail, which was good. On the water it is like night and day compared with the Piranha. It is 120 kg lighter and achieves 5 knots more with three up, than the Piranha managed with just one. It feels light and responsive, handles well and the engine sounds much happier. It’s also a very dry ride.”

Here is a photo of Charlie’s new RIB-X. Looks great.

So, thank you RIB-X. You are stars.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/marinesurveyornickvass/posts/713916852126435